Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Selling And Buying Patents Online

There are many great products out there, and even the ones that appear on the midnight infomercials can be huge successes. Those who hold the patent on the product will ultimately cash in on a lot of money, so if you are interested in finding an easy way to make money, you can buy patents or sell a patent online. There are many resources where you can check out online patent auctions and other buy and sell resources so you can start making money with your investment.

There are more than just dreams of money when you want to buy patents. You will also need to buy patents whenever you find a product that you like, but have some great ideas to improve it. Otherwise, you could be looking at legal action from the owner of the patent who feels you are violating laws that prevent you from trying to resell a nearly-same product on that patent.

When you buy and sell patents online, you will want to work with a registered patent attorney. Most online auction sites for patents will have attorneys available so that the switch happens entirely legally. And if you are looking for complete anonymity on either side of the sale, an attorney is a vital part of this transaction to keep the identity of the buying partner from the patent holder. This helps when large corporations are taking on individual patent holders. The attorney can negotiate the best deal for both parties without having the disadvantage of trying to negotiate the worth of the intellectual property with a large company that will be perceived to get a lot of money from owning the patent. At the moment, a database for selling patents is not available online, so to find out what patents are for sale and how you can acquire them, you will want to get the help of a patent law attorney.

And if you are an inventor who is sitting on a great patent, but wants to sell it, you will want to hire a patent broker who can find the right buyer for it. This is especially important if you are afraid that you will have an expired patent on your hands without seeing a profit. Large companies can quickly turn a patent into a gold mine, and if they recognize your product as something really valuable, they will be able to strike a deal with you and your broker to give you the amount of money you deserve for your intellectual property while acquiring what they need to make money from the invention. The only problem is that many patent holders are looking to sell their patents at less than $1000 wholesale. But if the idea is recognized as really valuable, your broker will be able to help you get a deal with the participating company for anywhere up to a million dollars if the patent is deemed worthy enough. So check out buying and selling patents online.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Into Child Psychology: Compensating The Needs Of The Youth

It is interesting enough to work at a temporary shelter catering to less fortunate youths. The best part of it was not just by merely being part of their lives but them being part of yours. There is this certain excitement as they smile and hug and tell how their day was. However, there instances that worry takes in as to whether you are can cater to their needs and meet the demands without them telling you what about it.

At times these children are unaware of what's wrong with them.

All they can think of is how unfortunate they are.

Sad truth is we focused too much on their material needs thinking how deprived they are. Emotional needs are met through caring attention. There are however other needs that should be met in order for the child not to end up as an adult having undesirable attitudes.

Background check is not just done on children living in such institutions for the sake of learning about their families and if they really are in need of help. This is done to learn more as to why the child has a certain attitude that may bring negative results to him or her in the future.

At times we may get annoyed by the lying habits of a certain child. She may see this as somewhat a great way to cover up for mistakes. There may also be instances where she involves herself on problems that are actually not for her to divulge in. She tells this problem to the adults, or say sorry to someone instead of the co inmate who is involved. This is her way of asking for attention. There are chances that certain needs were not met as a child and that family has even exposed her to situation that made her that way. Not being able to understand this will bring her to believe even her lies.

Here's a situation: There are two girls named "Stephany" and "Gia". They are ages 13 and 5. One thing that yours truly has noticed on Gia is that she is she can't stop from eating. At the Christmas party last year, she concentrated her attention to the bowl of chips on the buffet table rather than watching the program. An older sister (co inmate) took the bowl away from her as she sees this not due right for the Gia who has eaten a lot, however Gia did follow to where the bowl was taken and ended up finishing the contents by her. Stephany on the other hand is a skinny girl who limits her food intake less than what is necessary. She at times doesn't eat snack or is choosy with the food she eats.

Both girls manifest certain traits best explained with their oral needs. Gia's oral stage was not compensated well enough thus ending her in a certain characteristic where she needs to eat and eat and eat. With Stephany, who was in the institution since she was a new born babe, grew up being compensated (and I mean well spoiled) by the people there. Her oral needs were well met. There are still reasons as to why she ended up lessening her food intake: she was conscious of her appearance. She had gained this attention to her looks due to her experiences with her mother when she was with her for summer.

They are kids that ask for attention not just because they are deprived by love and material things. Court records have files of adoption children being abandoned by their parents (sadly there are files which are also showing the darker side of youth turning into criminals due to deprivation). They are in need of guidance to face the world ahead.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Efforts to use Columbia decision to reopen Atlantic Yards eminent domain, EIS cases rejected by Court of Appeals

They were both long-shot efforts, but attempts by Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn (DDDB) and plaintiffs organized by DDDB to reopen two key Atlantic Yards cases have been rejected by the state Court of Appeals.

Thus the eminent domain case--but not the pending challenge to the actual condemnation--is over, as is the case challenging the environmental review.

This narrows the remaining court cases related to the project to three, though two are essentially versions of the same case.

Columbia parallel?

In both unsuccessful efforts, the appellants invoked a similar case in which the Appellate Division blocked the Empire State Development Corporation's use of eminent domain for the Columbia University expansion, citing, among other things, the use of "underutilization" to determine blight.

The decisions by the Court of Appeals imply that they will either overturn the lower court's decision in the Columbia case or they will overturn it on other grounds, such as the court's finding of the ESDC's bad faith in its blight finding.

Eminent domain

The plaintiffs in the eminent domain case had tried to reopen the case, citing the pending appeal in the Columbia case. It was rejected without comment on February 18.

EIS case

The plaintiffs in the case challenging the environmental impact statement (EIS) had filed a motion to renew their previous motion for leave to appeal the Appellate Division's decision rejecting an appeal of a state Supreme Court judge's decision.

Again, the Columbia case, known as Kaur, was cited. The motion stated:
The crux of Appellants’ argument can be found in a comparison of Justice [James] Catterson’s opinions in the two cases. In Develop Don’t Destroy, Justice Catterson wrote a scathing concurrence, more properly characterized as a dissent, but nevertheless concurred finding that there was sufficient evidence to defer to ESDC. However in Kaur, Justice Catterson, writing for the majority, on virtually identical facts found there was insufficient basis to support ESDC’s determination and that it was not entitled to such deference. There is no significant difference between the facts or the underlying theories in the two cases to warrant disparate results on either the law or the facts.
It was rejected without comment on February 16.

What's left?

Still pending is an unusual challenge to the condemnation effort, claiming that the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) should issue a new Determination and Findings under the New York State Eminent Domain Procedure Law.

Justice Abraham Gerges put the condemnation on hold on January 29, but his decision is expected shortly.

A parallel lawsuit making the same claims has not yet been heard in court.

Also pending is a case challenging the ESDC's 2009 approval of the Modified General Project Plan. Justice Marcy Friedman, who heard oral arguments last month, is expected to rule within a month or two.

In case you're wondering

Why is this news late? Because Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, understandably, chose not to announce it, and the Empire State Development Corporation and Forest City Ratner, less understandably, also chose not to announce it. And I took a while to notice it.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tenant Background Check Company - Do Away With Tenant Problems!

Any tenant background check will have the basic background information cross verified. It is often mentioned that a tenant should always be honest when he completes the reference form as they are cross-referenced with other information sources. Firstly, his personal information will be cross checked, his name, his address and contact numbers, secondly his references such as his previous landlord's references, employer's reference is cross verified etc.

Don't forget to disclose all your (Tenant) information, you may be caught off guard by the tenant reference agency or your current landlord. Do not put a tenant with a bad history in your buy to let property. Make sure as a landlord you don't leave out any information without cross verification. Your deposit collected from your tenant is a small amount; it is only a month's rent in advance that will not be sufficient in case there is any damage caused to your buy to let building or its content. Ensure that a tenant to whom you rent out your property is the one who takes responsibility of the house and your belongings in the house. Extra care should be taken if it is a fully furnished building and make him liable for any damage caused to your property. Such things need to be mentioned in your rent or lease agreement papers. Although there is a landlord insurance, to protect your buildings, the equipment, inventory, furniture and fixtures it is better to have a tenant who has a clean tenant history. If you don't have enough funds to invest in landlord insurance, you may find it difficult.

Some insurance even cover you for any loss of rental income. You worked so hard to acquire everything you own, then, why put them at risk. Get a potential tenant for your rented property. A tenant should take care of the following, it is said that a tenant should always be honest when he completes the reference form as they are cross-referenced with other information sources and incase he/she fails for something that hasn't been disclosed then he risks losing his holding deposit.

Stay away from problematic tenant who has an unfavorable history of non repayment of rent!

Get your tenant's information assessed and find out if all the information furnished to you is accurate and no false information is provided to you. You can also obtain the credentials of the tenant and based on this, you can take your own decision on whether to let your house to that particular tenant or not. By approaching a tenant reference agency, you can avail of professional service and provide reports such as eviction reports, credit information, criminal record and employment check. Reach out to Tenant background check company and verify your tenant's information.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cell Phone Number Reverse Look Up

It is common to receive phone calls from anonymous callers. And there are a lot of reasons why you need to find out about those unrecognized cell phone numbers. Maybe you want them to stop calling you or you want to find out the identity of the caller. No matter why you want to know more about the anonymous caller, you can use cell phone number reverse look up to access the important information you need.

With cell phone number reverse look up you'll be able to access important information about the caller like the name, address and his or her background. If you are worried about a cheating spouse or your anonymous caller is annoying you everyday, cell phone number reverse look up can help you find out the truth about your spouse or stop phone harassment using the information you got from the search.

While cell phone number reverse look up is a very helpful tool to know the truth and keep your peace of mind, you still need to choose the best service carefully. There are a lot of reverse phone search on the internet some are free but most free sites do not have updated database and they do not have directories that include mobile numbers. Directories for mobile numbers include tedious and expensive process to collect all the data and you cannot avail this service at freebies sites; that is why you need to pay for this service.

Reverse Phone Detective is a service that includes unlisted numbers and mobile numbers which is very affordable. You just have to register to become a member and membership is a one-time fee. No recurring charge or recurring fees for any of its products. Once you become a member you can start your cell phone number reverse look up and get results from millions of records in Reverse Phone Detective updated database. In seconds you will have your results and it is 100% guaranteed. If you get no results you do not have to pay.

It is important to choose the right service to get the results and information you need. To find out more about cell phone number reverse look up visit Reverse Phone Detective

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Background Check by Social Security Number - Verify Credentials by SSN

Background check by social security number is one of the best ways for you to verify the credentials of job applicants; as well as on applicants for baby-sitter of your children. This is also beneficial in checking on the past history of your tenants; and those who want to rent your apartment or bachelor pads.

Compared to other forms of background check using the names of people, this method gives you more precise results because this is highly specific to the individual who owns the social security number (SSN). It is impossible to have two or more people having the same SSN because each number is assigned to only one person. If you use names to verify credentials, you may come up with numerous results on several people having the same first and last name; in this case, you only get one result on the specific individual.

You have several options to perform your background check by social security number; one method may require you to personally visit the office of the Social Security Agency where they usually maintain huge database of the personal profiles of people where you can perform a reverse search using the SSN. Another option is to log on to the internet and visit their official website which allows you to perform this lookup for free; usually limited only to 10 searches per day.

This method generally gives you relevant results like the full legal name of the person, his current address and employment, and other personal details. This may not allow you to access other files like criminal records, court cases, warrants of arrests, and other information relevant to your background investigation.

The third option is to use the services of third-party companies where they also maintain similar databases where you can fully enjoy unlimited searches per day; however, you may have to pay certain fees for the benefit of access. But this is usually minimal compared to the quality of the results because you can also access to other files pertinent to your credential verification and investigation. Nevertheless, the options are laid; the choice is yours. Choose which among the aforementioned methods is best for your background check by social security number.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

FM Static: The New Age of Pop Rock

Unlike those from the past, who donned themselves on sex, alcohol and drugs (and probably criminal records that can sum these things up), today’s rock bands
seem to take on a different stroll, and role, in today’s pop culture. One in particular that made the greatest impact on every music lover, even with an unadvertised single ranging supreme on hit charts, is FM Static.

It was my brother who introduced me to their music. He just came home from school and was playing a song a friend of his had just passed to his cell phone. It got me distracted enough from what I was doing and got me sitting beside my brother. Before I could even ask (and knowing him all too well), he had already started telling me about it and who was singing it. So pretty much I got the information I needed without even asking a single question, let alone telling him to stop playing his guitar as he tried to follow through.

I’m not a big fan of rock, let alone a punk rock, but the music, and how they had presented it, was something to take note of and admire. In addition, the term “Christian” associated to this “pop punk band” was something (for me) new making the whole song more interesting. Tonight played over and over again (‘till dinner time) and FM Static became a favorite.

FM static is a Toronto-based Christian pop punk band who is currently signed to Tooth & Nail Records, a Christian Record Label. They started as a side project by Thousand Foot Krutch (One of the Christian rock bands frontman), Trevor McNevan and Steve Augustine (drummer). This two-piece (McNevan and Augustine) band also included John Bunner (guitarist during 2003) and the brothers Justin and Jeremy Smith (bass and guitar player respectively) in their original line-up.

The band’s first album What Are You Waiting For was produced by Aaron Sprinkle (who also produced the Thousand Foot Krutch’s album Phenomenon). This led to a tour which lasted from 2003 to 2005. During this time, after playing for a few shows guitarist John Bunner soon retired and was thus replaced by Jeremy after his brother, Justin, asked him to fill-in for them.

Their second album, Critically Ashamed was released on August 1, 2006 with its featured single Waste of Time. However, unlike their first album release, the band refused to take on a tour as the Smith brothers left. It was then that FM Static performed with only two members, as studio musicians filling in for other parts. Even so the success of the second album was undeniable, especially after two of its unadvertised single ruled the internet and the radio station—one of the songs, Tonight, gaining over 7 million hits on YouTube alone as of July of 2009.

This is, perhaps, the dawning of a new age for rock bands and rock fanatics alike, as the association of negative issue, that may no doubt earn one a file in criminal records, finally has been placed behind. It’s good to hear something more emotionally inclined yet without feeling wild and careless. As for me, FM Static is but the first me and my brother had shared.